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Mobile healthcare unit ready to serve area kids


If you live in a rural area, getting to the doctor can be a hassle, especially if you don't have reliable transportation.

Local health officials know that and will now be able to come to you.

Adams County Health Department officials know some families skip wellness checks simply because they can't get to town. Regional education officials say the mobile clinic will alleviate those concerns.. 

"We all know children learn better when their basic needs are met," said Jill Reis, Regional Superintendent of Schools, ROE 1. "The providers have come together to fulfill the needs in our community."

The wellness express provides primary, dental and behavioral health services. Officials feel this will have a lasting impact on children. 

"We know that childhood trauma can really have some effects on lifetime healthy behaviors," said Beth Forbes, School Based Health Care Coordinator, ACHD.

When kids don't have access to healthcare, it's easy for them to fall behind in school. According to officials, the wellness express will help prevent that.

"Time out of the classroom. Time out because of health issues. Time out because if you need a dental exam you're missing about three-fourths of a day of school."

Officials from the various partners feel this will allow an additional 1,000 children to get the healthcare they need.

Officials are working on the rotation right now, but expect to be visiting schools in Liberty, Payson, Mendon, Camp Point and Mount Sterling as well as students at Chaddock this fall.

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