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Wind damages local crops

Corn blown over in a field in Pike County Corn blown over in a field in Pike County

Wednesday night's storm created a big headache for local farmers, who've already had a tough spring. The northern part of Pike county getting hit the hardest.

Several acres of corn was knocked over by 60 mile per hour winds Wednesday night.

"We've got a lot of corn that's lodged really bad, leaning, some of it's flat on the ground," farmer JRyan Norton said. "We've actually got some corn that green snapped, so the stalk actually snapped so that will be a loss."

Norton farms 10,000 acres near Hull, Illinois and he said most of his fields have wind damaged corn, which means yields are going to take a hit.

"We had a similar wind storm like this in June last year," Norton said. "I was about a 75 bushel yield hit per acre," Norton said. "We're hoping this year that we won't have near the lost, but still, it's going to affect it."

Farmers said when corn that has been blown over grows back up, that could lead to added yield loss at harvest time.

"So now it's going to be all over the place instead of nice straight rows," Norton added. "We're going to have stalks and ears everywhere. It'll be a challenge at harvest, that will be the biggest concern."

It's the same story for farmer Bryce Bushmeyer.

"It's a terrible feeling," Bushmeyer said. "But as the days go on and the crop stands back up you start to feel a little better."

The Pike County Farm Bureau said the northwestern part of the county was hit the hardest, but farmers have to wait and see how bad the damage is before crop insurance kicks in.

"It's definitely something we will be monitoring during throughout the growing season," Bushmeyer said. "When harvest time comes, we'll see where we are at that point in time."

Norton said they hope to get out in the field in the next few days to see if any stalks are broken. If they are, that plant won't grow and will be a complete loss.


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