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Palmyra School District starts roof maintenance project

Palmyra Middle School Palmyra Middle School
Crews climbing onto roof Crews climbing onto roof
Palmyra school bus Palmyra school bus
Front of Palmyra Middle School Front of Palmyra Middle School

The Palmyra School District has started its roof maintenance project. 

Friday, crews were out at Palmyra Middle School replacing its roof after it had aged and the wear and tear on it caused water to leak into the building. School administrators said it's important to maintain the school to have an efficient learning environment. 

"It reached the end of its life," said Eric Churchwell, Palmyra Superintendent. "In order to keep your facilities in good condition you need to maintain them. We have them on a schedule."

He said once the middle school roof is replaced, the district would have replaced every roof in the district making the oldest one 8 years old. 

Also in Palmyra, the district finalized a $10-million budget for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. 

The budget includes teachers getting a $500 pay increase to their base salary and the school launching its one-to-one technology initiative which gives an Apple iPad to every student, which cost around $370,000.

The fiscal year starts July 1 and ends June 30.

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