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Riders honor domestic violence victims through Silvie's Ride

Picture of Silvie Yocum Picture of Silvie Yocum
Sponsors from the event Sponsors from the event
Riders getting ready to take off Riders getting ready to take off
Silvie's Ride T-Shirts Silvie's Ride T-Shirts
Riders hit the road for the 135 mile trip Riders hit the road for the 135 mile trip

After loosing a family member to domestic violence, a family in McDonough County is now coming together in hopes to raise awareness and end child abuse.

Silvie Yocum passed away at the age of five because of domestic violence.

"Her mother's boyfriend, we are not sure, but he hit her in the head," said Jon Yocum, Silvie's grandfather. "It caused brain trauma, after a week in the hospital we lost her," he said.

Nearly a decade later, riders in the Tri-States honor her memory and raise awareness of ending child abuse and domestic violence by taking part in Silvie's Ride.

"All of us are family people. I have five children. I can't imagine what they went through," said Jamie Cudd a sponsor and rider with Knights Motorcycle Riding Club. "I can't imagine what other families go through. Any time you hear something like that if you can put awareness out there and get people thinking about it, it does some good," said Cudd. 

For family members it's a way to keep her spirit alive.

"For me it's in memory. I hope for other people here it's a realization that kids matter," said Yocum. 

"You could always tell that she's here with us because we always have great weather even if bad weather is in the forecast," said Silvie's cousin, Connor Johnson.

More than 80 riders traveled 135 miles through Western Illinois in honor of Silvie and other children who have experienced domestic violence.

"This is in her memory," said Yocum. 

Gone, but never forgotten.

Proceeds from Silvie's Ride go to Western Illinois Regional Council.  Last year, the group raised more than $6,000 and hope to exceed that number this year.

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