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Traffic signs coming to Macomb's square

Downtown Macomb Downtown Macomb

If you've ever been to downtown Macomb, you probably know it can be confusing and difficult for drivers to get around. Now the city has a plan to make that easier.

Drivers stop and go, trying to navigate Macomb's downtown square.

"I think most people still don't really know, even people who have lived here forever, we don't really know who has the right of way when coming on to the square," resident Laura Courter said.

As a part of the downtown revitalization project, the city will be adding new stop and yield signs to entry ways into the square. 

"This will leave no doubt," Mayor Mike Inman said. "The signs will be there. The pavement markings will compliment the signage on the square. Also, we will becoming full compliant with the American Disabilities Act."

Local business owners on the square said they see near misses at intersections almost every week.

"Last week there was a car taking a turn and they were going to fast and didn't stop and almost hit a pedestrian," Steve Chung, owner of The Nail Salon, said.

City officials want to make it safer for pedestrians, prompting a change to pedestrian walk ways to comply with the Illinois Department of Transportation standards.

"This is consistent with moving the pedestrian crosswalks," Inman added. "They had been mid block on the north and the south side of the square. Now they will be on all four corners of the square."

But residents are just happy to have the confusion cleared up.

"I think it would be great just so that we have clarity and we know exactly what's going on," Courter said.

The City is expected to approve finalization of the signs at Monday's city council meeting. Inman said he expects the signs to go in by August 15th at the latest but could be put in earlier depending on construction in the square.

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