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City takes up newly proposed 'fix-or-flatten' list


Quincy residents, if you live next to an eyesore -- some good news, more rundown properties could get demolished in the coming year.

Monday night, the Quincy Finance Committee reviewed the city's newly proposed fix-or-flatten list, which includes 11 properties.

The city cut the budget for the program in the new fiscal year, but a state grant brings the money back up. 

One of the homes that could come down is at 917 North 11th, It was damaged in a fire. Residents living next door want to see it go. 

"It hurts right now cause it's down like this and looking this bad," said Mike McQuerry. "It makes my property look bad. Like I said, we catch things coming out of here and stuff. You get a bunch of animals, all kinds of animals coming out of here."

Officials say the number of homes they tackle in the new fiscal year depends on legal fees as well as demolition costs.

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