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Consultant wants Quincy aggregation program audited

An electrical line that helps deliver power for Quincy customers. An electrical line that helps deliver power for Quincy customers.

It's designed to make sure homeowners are getting the best rate possible on their power bills, but there are accusations that local businesses are taking advantage of Quincy's electric aggregation program.

The allegations came out during a city council meeting Monday night. Matt Anderson, Chief Operating Officer with Anderson Consultants, said while going through numbers for other customers, they learned of an organization and a business that were getting the discount, but were not eligible for the program. Anderson says both were well over the 15,000 kilowatts per hour allowed. He feels an audit needs to be done.

"The public deserves to understand more about their aggregation program and what the actual benefit, or lack-there-of, is for them as an individual customer," Anderson said.

Quincy City Council started to discuss the matter Monday night, but stopped short when one alderman expressed concerns that it could turn into a legal issue. Reg Ankrom is President of Simec Energy of Quincy. That's the company that oversees the program for the city. Ankrom said he wouldn't oppose an audit to help catch anyone abusing the program.

"Who determines what commerical customers are operating outside the limit, the 15,000kwh, that is typically Ameren," Ankrom said. "That's the way the rule was set up in the first place and the way it still operates."

Ankrom also said he will draft a memo for council to address questions that Anderson raised. Ankrom said that should be done before next week's council meeting.

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