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Firefighters warn about summer fire dangers

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Local firefighters say we're entering the peak time for fires that spark outside of a home.

Firefighter Mike Dade with the Quincy Fire Department said during the summer the hot, and sometimes dry conditions can quickly help a fire spread.

Dade said without a doubt grilling and cooking outside are the most common causes of fires this time of year.

"If you're not far enough away from your house or any other flammables it doesn't take much for fires to spread," he said. "We just want people to make sure that they're aware of that and they take the necessary precautions to keep themselves safe."

Dade added that during dry times fires are often sparked by outdoor burning.  He said that especially includes things like yard waste, which is illegal in Quincy, but not in other areas.

Late June through early July is the most uneasy time of year for firefighters, as firework usage picks up.

"It isn't usually the size of the initial fire, but the fire spread because of the conditions unique to summer, but also injuries," he said. "Safety is not only important because of fire and fire spread, but injuries are on the rise with fireworks too."

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