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Veterans taking next Honor Flight


(WGEM) - The following veterans will be taking the next Great River Honor Flight on Saturday, June 24.

  • Royal J. Bryan, of Macomb (Army - WWII)
  • David Costigan, of Quincy (Army - Korea)
  • David L. Kendrick, of Mendon (Army - Vietnam)
  • Larry E. Kennedy, of Lewistown (Army - Vietnam)
  • Meredith A. Kepple, of Macomb (Army - Vietnam)
  • Kenneth G. Kuhl, of Emden (Air Force - Vietnam)
  • Floyd W. Leenerts, of Quincy (Army - Korea)
  • Michael R. Lewis, of New London (Air Force - Vietnam)
  • Phillip P. Lovelace, of Quincy (Army - Vietnam)
  • James H. Mewes, of Quincy (Marines - Vietnam)
  • Derrick M. Ohnemus, of Quincy (Army - Vietnam)
  • Leo T. Ohnemus, of Mendon (Army - Vietnam)
  • Charles R. Owens, of Pittsfield (Navy - Vietnam)
  • Alfred F. Pogge, of Quincy (Army - WWII)
  • Ronald S. Preston, of Quincy (Air Force - Vietnam)
  • Terry L. Pryor, of Hannibal (Army - Vietnam)
  • James H. Reinold, of Liberty (Army - Vietnam)
  • Ronald A. Reinold, of Quincy (Army - Vietnam)
  • Terry L. Schmidt, of Palmyra (Navy - Vietnam)
  • Clarence V. Sheets, of Hannibal (Air Force - Vietnam)
  • Donald G. Sheurman, of Liberty (Army - Vietnam)
  • John A. Shumate, of Ewing (Army - Vietnam)
  • James R. Stout, of Camp Point (Army - Vietnam)
  • Gerald C. Thrapp, Jr., of Macomb (Army - Vietnam)
  • Larry K. Vaughn, of Hannibal (Army - Vietnam)
  • William L. Wells, of Quincy (Army - Vietnam)
  • Stephen K. Young, of Barry (Army - Vietnam)
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