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Jeep Giveaway Weekly Winners


15 weekly prizes will be announced online and on-air – fun each and every week as we count down to the big WGEM 2017 Jeep Renegade Giveaway!

  • WEEK 1: Austin Hamm, of Mendon, IL
  • WEEK 2: Jennifer McClintock, of Golden, IL
  • WEEK 3: Rebecca Nutt, of Mendon, IL
  • WEEK 4: Kala Jones, of Shelbyville, MO
  • WEEK 5: Debbie Russell, of Payson, IL
  • WEEK 6: Shelby Wardlow, of Quincy, IL
  • WEEK 7: Crystal Barker, of Barry, IL
  • WEEK 8: Donald Hert, of Quincy, IL
  • WEEK 9: Jacqueline Dell, of Pittsfield, IL
  • WEEK 10: Sharon Moneer, of New London, MO
  • WEEK 11: Connie Hopke, of Perry, MO
  • WEEK 12: Peggy Page, of Macomb, IL
  • WEEK 13: Julie Logsdon, of Canton, MO
  • WEEK 14: Kala Jones, of Quincy, IL
  • WEEK 15: Cleta Burton, of Palmyra, MO

You can enter the contest every day here for a chance to win weekly prizes.

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