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Search warrant leads to Quincy drug arrest

Deputies take a man into custody. Deputies take a man into custody.
Several members of law enforcement were at the scene. Several members of law enforcement were at the scene.

One person was arrested after the Adams County Sheriff's Office served a search warrant at a downtown Quincy residence Friday afternoon.

Deputies searched an apartment on the corner of 5th and Hampshire around 1 p.m. During the search, deputies said methamphetamine was found. 

"It's based on information that we get from the community, other officers and even those we arrest," Chief Deputy Rich Wagner said. "So once we get that information if we can get more of that information, we'll act on it."

Friday's drug bust is just one of several search warrants served in recent weeks. Wagner says the goal is to limit other crimes by getting drugs out of the county.

"Drugs are the start of basically all crimes it seems like," Wagner explained. "It leads to burglaries. It leads to more aggressive or even crimes against people."

Some downtown workers told WGEM suspicious activity and bizarre characters aren't an uncommon sight downtown. While they'd like to see more empty buildings being used, Wagner says that's not necessarily a solution.

"Drugs can be anywhere," Wagner said. "So for us to assume that they're around the vacant buildings would be naive of us."

The sheriff's office says the drug busts shouldn't scare people away from visiting and shopping downtown.

"Downtown Quincy is a safe environment for families to go and walk around to attend the festivals," Wagner added.

For some families, that safe environment can actually be an escape from the drug crisis. Wagner says if you know a family member is using drugs, don't be afraid to speak out to prevent police from having to step in.

"It's tough," Wagner added. "I've had it in my family and a lot of people have had drug related issues in their families. Hopefully they accept and can change their life."

The man arrested has not been identified.

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