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Palmyra students begin new school year with new technology

iPads for Palmyra students iPads for Palmyra students

The Palmyra School District has made another big step towards putting more technology into the hands of students.

Every student K-12 will receive an iPad when the school year begins.  The new technology will cost the district more than $370,000.

The Palmyra School District's technology director John Watkins said it will help level the playing field in a world full of technology.

"The reason behind it is to have kids career and college ready," he said. "They're going to have technology in the workplace and in college, so we want to prepare them as much as possible."

Watkins said it'll take about three to four years to implement the program.

Watkins said that teachers have been using the technology that their students will soon have access to.

"For the last year teachers have had iPads and Mac Books, so we've been able to do training with the teachers to prepare them for the student implementation," he said. "The classroom will change a little bit, but we're not expecting grand changes in the first year."

He also said communication and some trial and error between teachers, staff, students and parents will be necessary and helpful in this first year, but doesn't expect any technical issues.

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