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Back-to-school immunizations

Vaccination at the Adams County Health Department Vaccination at the Adams County Health Department

The start of new year is about three weeks away for most Tri-States schools, and health officials at the Adams County Health Department say now is the time to have your children get their required immunizations. 

Betty Coonrod oversees vaccinations for children at the health department. Coonrod said the required immunizations for Illinois school children include 4 vaccines for kindergartners, two for 6th graders and, one for 12th graders. If your child needs an exemption, you'll need to file paperwork with the school. 

Coonrod explained that most schools allow children to attend classes until October 15th without required vaccines, but after that they are no longer allowed to attend public schools, per state law.

"We are really busy on October 15th and 16th because the kids show up at school and they get sent home, so then the parents will bring them down here," Coonrod said. "We'll get them caught up and let them go back to school."

Coonrod said the immunizations are important for your kids safety, as well as their classmates.

"You're child may be perfectly healthy and you think well they're not going to contract this anyway but they may be going to school with some child who's immunocompromised due to cancer or immune system problems and you need to vaccinate your children to protect the children who can't be vaccinated as well."

For more information such as clinic hours and the specific vaccines your children may need, click here: 

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