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Parents prepare with child ID kits

The IL CHIP tent at the Adams County Fair The IL CHIP tent at the Adams County Fair

If the worst were to happen and your child goes missing, do you have everything you need to find them?

Families had a chance Tuesday to make sure they were prepared at the Adams County Fair. They could make child identification kits with everything from fingerprints to a DNA sample, providing a safety net for an unthinkable situation. 

Losing her two boys is something parent Kelsey Creasy doesn't want to fathom. That's why she brought them to the IL Chip child identification tent.

"It's the worst case scenario," Creasy said. "I definitely do not ever want to use it. I'd prefer not to. It's scary to think about."

Each child filled out a kit with their fingerprints, DNA and a video. Now Creasy has the peace of mind knowing she is as prepared as she can be.

"I don't have to worry about their fingerprints, or coming up with something that their fingerprints would be on, or their DNA that might have something," Creasy added. "I have it. It's safe."

The kits were free of charge thanks to the local Mason's Lodge who sponsors the program.

"It's something we do as a service," organizer Paul Mealiff said. "It's no charge to them and we don't keep any of the information."

Kids were also asked a series of questions as a part of a short video to help authorities quickly create an Amber Alert.

"The video is to show how they would react to strangers," Mealiff said. "We're not necessarily concerned with the answers they give us, just how they would react."

When looking for a missing child, authorities said getting information out quickly can be very important. For grandparent Sherry Zaerr having these kits could make the difference when trying to find a child.

"It is a security and safety issue for me knowing that my child or grandchild is protected a little bit more by this program," Zaerr said.

If you were unable to make it out, there are more events scheduled as local schools prepare for a new year. You can find a schedule HERE.

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