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GRIDIRON PREVIEW: Speed is the theme for motivated Palmyra


PALMYRA, MO. (WGEM) --  There's only one speed right now in Palmyra.

And it's not slow.

"I know the people that we have now are going to be mean and nasty on the field," senior Peyton Plunkett said.

"We're going to play fast, be fast, and just kick people's butt fast."

According to fellow senior Gabe Goodwin, "Our excitement level is way high. We're getting after it and going fast. We just want to play fast this year and that's what we're doing now."

Leading the charge is one of the area's best two-way players in three-year varsity stalwart Plunkett.

"He's a beast," junior Jacob Kroeger explained.

"He's going to get the yards he needs and he runs hard, just like a bowling ball through the line. If we get him to stay focused and not think, and just run the ball, we'll be fine."

There's also no argument when it comes to who's taking snaps as junior southpaw Kroeger takes the reigns at quarterback.

"He's a gamer," head coach Kevin Miles said.

"He's a kid that might not throw the ball in practice here and there, and do different things, but when it comes down to needing something done he's going to get it done because that's the type of kid he is."

Plunkett added: "He knows how to pull the ball, run the ball, (and) throw the ball. He's going to be a dominant force this year and I think he's really going to help the offense."

Up front the Panthers feature quick and junior-led offensive and defensive lines.

"These guys are coming in as juniors, and first-year starters, but they know every aspect of what we want to do," Miles said. "They come in from day one and we're running our entire offense just like we want to do and they're not missing a beat."

According to Kroeger, "We don't really have the prototypical line. We're pretty small. I feel like speed is going to be their key and we're just going to try and run it fast behind them."

Palmyra also has plenty of motivation.

After three consecutive district championships a semifinal loss a year ago has fueled the fire in P-Town.

"I feel like we're going to get there. We're practicing hard and we're going to get all the plays down right and focus more on a team, and not just ourselves this year," Kroeger indicated.

Miles is confident this year's group will erase the disappointment of last fall.

"This group has been successful," he said.

"Last year was their only year they haven't made it to at least the (quarterfinals), and I know that's a goal that they've set for themselves, to try to get out of the district again, and get back on the path that we want to be on here at Palmyra."

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