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New stop sign after residents raise concerns

New stop sign at the intersection of South 28th and Midlan in Quincy New stop sign at the intersection of South 28th and Midlan in Quincy

Concerns from residents in one Quincy subdivision have now turned into results. The intersection at South 28th and Midlan has had residents worried, but now two stop signs have been added.

Arlene Saeger has lived at the corner of South 28th and Midlan since the 1960's. As the neighborhood grew, so did her concern for accidents at the intersection.

"There's more smaller children and it is a bus stop," Saeger said. "Unless you are paying attention or unless you slow down, it's a situation that could be a real disaster."

Steve Bange with Quincy's engineering department said the Traffic Commission approved the stop signs in June because of concerns from residents brought to their Alderman.

"They were concerned because there were two somewhat major streets in that subdivision and nobody really knew who should stop for who," Bange said. "So it was a question of right of way."

Neighbors said recently a bad wreck happened at the intersection and a car ended up hitting a house on the corner. That's what prompted discussion about something being done."

"They had to do some replacing of some windows and the brick and so forth. It just shouldn't happen," Saeger added. "It could have been a lot worse."

For those who have similar concerns in their neighborhood, Saeger has one simple message.

"Call your Alderman and get started," Saeger said. "Make a call and explain your concern and ask that it be considered."

The city says each ward has money appropriated to them each year for projects like this.  To find which ward you are in and who your Alderman is click HERE.

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