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Local school officials react to funding formula veto

Southeastern High School Southeastern High School

With school only weeks away, and still no funding formula for the State of Illinois, local school districts are looking at how long they can last.

Todd Fox, the superintendent at Southeastern School District said the amendatory veto by Governor Rauner on Senate Bill One was expected, but now they have to use their reserves for this school year until funding comes back.

Fox said if a funding formula isn't passed soon, they will have to close their doors in March.

"We're about as efficient as we possibly can be," Fox said. "There's not a lot left to cut. Really no program changes, but the reserves, those reserves that we worked so hard to manage responsibly, will be depleted by March."

Fox said the continuing financial issues in Illinois are also causing a teaching shortage throughout the state. He said finding good quality teachers could be harder and harder the longer it takes to properly fund schools.

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