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Common virus affecting young children peaks during summer

Child undergoing a medical exam Child undergoing a medical exam
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A common strain of the herpes virus that affects children often peaks in the summer months.

Roseola is a mild infection that affects almost every child by the time he or she enters school, according to local doctors.

Dr. Darin Thomas with SIU Medicine said usually the virus affects 6 to 12 month-old kids.

He added that your child can get the virus at any time during the year, but they tend to see more incidents during the summer.

Thomas said the virus starts with a fever then turns into a rash. 

"After the fever is broken, that's when this rash starts," Doctor Thomas said. "Typically it has the characteristics where it starts on the trunk and sometimes the neck area. It's very small, very round. Usually not itchy. Sometimes people describe it to be rose colored."

Thomas also said your child can get the virus from simple contact with family members.

"So, it's usually just family. Typically, Roseola is caused by this virus and it's usually just transmitted by adults through mouth droplets, saliva," he said. "Typically its either an older sibling or a parent. There's really nothing to do to prevent it. If it's gonna happen, it will happen."

Dr. Thomas added that parents shouldn't be alarmed by the rash but to remember their child was just sick with a fever so almost always the two are linked.

Thomas said there is no real treatment for the virus but added that parents should call their child's caregiver with concerns.

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