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Back to school: Shoppers take advantage of 'tax holiday'

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This weekend may be a good time to buy all of those needed school supplies thanks to the back to school sales tax holiday. 

JCPenney in Hannibal is just one of hundreds of stores throughout Missouri participating in the holiday. Shoppers will not have to pay a sales tax on back to school items like computers, clothing and pens and pencils. 

"Toys would not be included in that or anything over $100," General Manager Paige Legg said. "Any apparel items with shoes that would be over $100 would not be included. It's really to help the average consumer get their family back to school."

Shopper Rhonda Brown took advantage of the sales tax holiday Friday by shopping for her four grandchildren - something she said can be costly. 

"On an average you would probably spend nearly $100," Brown said. "Today, you would probably get away with $50. They have good sales here. One of the sales I saw was backpacks for $7. Backpacks can be really expensive." 

Legg said she believes so many people take advantage of the three-day long sale because back-to-school shopping can be expensive for large families. 

"It's eight and a half percent savings on their total purchase," Legg said. "It's a good deal. When you think about a family that has three or four children and they have to get clothing, footwear, backpacks and all those essentials, it can really add up to a considerable amount."

The weekend also benefits college students short on cash. Quincy University student Kristen Hampton said weekends like this help her get ready for the semester. 

"Being a college student - you do have less funds, so coming to buy your items on tax free day helps," Hampton said. "It helps with the price such as buying laptops and bedding. It marks down everything: shoes and clothes."

 For more information on the sales tax holiday and a list of exemptions, CLICK HERE

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