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GRIDIRON PREVIEW: Scotland County plans for trench warfare


It is a new football  season for the Scotland County Tigers feel like it's just that, new.

"There's a lot of rebuilding," said senior receiver Gage Dodge.  

"Our front line is pretty experienced still so I think if we can just get some guys behind them we'll be successful"

More things are new on the Tigers' sideline, as well. For example there is a new man running it. Long-time assistant coach Troy Carper now holds the reigns as the Scotland County head coach. 

"It feels really good," said Carper. 

"I've been around these kids since they started in junior high because I was actually their junior high head coach. It's really nice to be able to send those seniors out and be a part of their senior year."

Already with the program for seven years, Carpers players have made the adjustment with ease. 

"We've been around Carper a lot," said Dodge. 

"He makes us comfortable and puts us in positions we can succeed in. It's great for a player to know that your coach trusts you." 

Questions, however, still surround the Tigers in the numbers department after 12 seniors from last year's team graduated. However, there are no questions about the Tigers offensive and defensive line. 

"I love those guys," said junior quarterback Will Fromm. 

"They can push anybody, I think. It's just going to be fun having to run behind them and throw behind them." 

Without a doubt its through trench warfare that Carper plans for success on both sides of the ball. 

"I think we're going to surprise some people with our size and strength on the offensive line and defensive line. We're going to be pretty good up front," he said. 

Carper's line will have an important job in protecting and opening holes for junior QB Will Fromm. After playing key roles as a backup quarterback the last two years the junior comes in ready to rain down on any defense. 

"We're definitely going to throw a lot," said Fromm. It's probably going to be 50/50, maybe."

"We've got great receivers that can catch the ball anywhere on the field  and our line can protect for five seconds, at least."

With time to throw and holes to run through the Tigers expect to put up some big numbers on offense by winning the battle up front. 



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