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GRIDIRON PREVIEW: Louisiana hopes to find success in attitude adjustment


Change never comes easy and in football that is especially true. 

For the Louisiana football team, the Bulldogs have been searching high and low for change over the last three seasons but come up empty each time. This season though, something just feels different to the team. 

"We have some outstanding senior leadership this year.  It's a total different attitude than the last four years that I've been there," said head coach Greg Purdum. 

"It's really exciting because they've been competing well."

That attitude change doesn't come when the lights in Louisiana turn on for the first time. They come starting with the first whistle of camp. 

"If we don't have intensity in practice then how can you win a game? You have to keep it up," preached senior running back and linebacker Zac Harrison.

Needing to find a way to spark some life into an offense that averaged less than 10 points a game last season, head coach Greg Purdum thinks he found an answer in a lineman turned running back. 

"Zac Harrison! He just moved from offensive line to fullback and is doing a great job for his first year," said senior quarterback Dalton Oberhaus

With Harrison running the ball and Senior signal caller Dalton Oberhaus back under center, Purdum hopes to see the offense grow. 

"Those two guys are both seniors but they're both major keys for us right now," said Purdum.

"We're looking pretty good. We've got a couple of new guys like our lineman Joe Johnson who are doing good in there," said Harrison 

"We're running the ball, throwing the ball. We're just doing a little bit of it all." 

But the defense is a different story. After the first week of camp questions still remain in the defensive backfield. 

"Defensively we're struggling a little bit right now when it comes to linebacker play," said Purdum.

"The guys we have up front are doing a good job so they're going to be going all the time."  

But in the end for the Bulldogs it all comes back to the attitude they display on the field, an attitude they hopes carries them to a couple of wins this season.

"I think it's more of a fight to the finish mentality then waiting for it to happen and come to us," Purdum says. 

Meanwhile, with whispers about a potential move to the EMO conference growing louder by the day Louisiana's first game against Clopton/Elsberry may not only a rivalry but a conference audition. 

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