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GRIDIRON PREVIEW: Bowling Green speeds up the tempo


After winning just a single game in 2016 the Bowling Green football team is trying to forget about last year and focus on 2017 as best it can. 

And the Bobcats figure the best way to do that is to change the culture inside the locker room and on the sidelines. 

"I've seen a lot more commitment than I have in the last few years," said senior quarterback and receiver Stephen Merz. 

"We have guys that want to get into the weight room and that's exciting for a senior to see. Compared to last year when no body cared,we have a lot more people committed this year." 

That commitment begins on the sidelines with new head coach Kevin Krietemeyer who is now trying to implement the same strategy that won him 18 games in two years as the Unity/Payson coach. 

"I like what I see," said Krietemeyer. 

"We watched film from last year and you heard about what happened to B-G but I think we've taken some really good steps forward talking brick by brick." 

While Krietemeyer builds the culture brick by brick he'll have to do the same to an offense that averaged fewer than 10 points a game last season but fist he will have to settle on a quarterback. 

"Offensively we're a spread team. We haven't found a quarterback, yet. We really like Stephen Merz and Austin Callahan both back there," he said. 

 With an offense fueled by speed the Bobcats hope to speed up the tempo this season on their opponents. 

"We're just going to play a lot faster this year," said senior receiver and corner back Noah Pafford.  "

That is what this offense is, tempo, tempo, tempo. Everyone is wanting to get after it. We're playing a lot harder, a lot faster and a lot more physical because no one is really scared right now." 

That tempo will be put to the test early as Bowling Green kicks off the Krietemeyer era on August 18th at St. Clair before they welcome district rival Palmyra to start off a four-game home stand.

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