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New fee added to cable bills in Macomb

Macomb city council chambers Macomb city council chambers

Some Macomb residents will soon start paying more for cable. The city passed an additional 35 cent monthly fee to those who have Comcast and McDonough Telephone Cooperative. 

The fee will help pay for new technology in the city council chambers. City administrator Dean Torreson said they did the same thing in 2010 and received more than $24,000 in just one year. He said the fee will be in effect for two years and now is the time to prepare for future upgrades.

"It's been seven years," Torreson said. "Everything's been working okay, but we're thinking in another three to five years, we are probably going to have to do the same thing. Our money in that account is down to a couple of thousand dollars."

Torreson said the equipment is used to broadcast public meetings through local channel 15.

The fee will take affect beginning in November.


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