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Getting kids back into the school routine

Someone walking the halls of Quincy Junior High School Someone walking the halls of Quincy Junior High School

For Quincy and several other community schools, it's the last week of summer and local school officials say it's time to get your child ready to go back to school and readjust to a routine.

Connie Heberlein, a Quincy Junior High School teacher, said there are several things parents can do to prepare their kids for the school year. She said bringing back bedtime is important.

Heberlein added that parents can help refresh their child's brain by finding something related to academics for them to work on for 15 to 20 minutes a couple of times a day.

"Especially help them to find something that they're interested in," Heberlein said. "Let them choose what they want to write about or what they want to read about. If math isn't their thing, maybe find some cool games online to help refresh their memory."

Heberlein said one way to do that is to ask what they learned last year and practice those lessons to have them prepared for this year.

She said parents being positive about their child going back to school is key.

For some kids going back to school this year means starting at a new school for the first time, which can be intimidating.  

QJHS counselor Jackie Martin said starting at a new school at any age is hard, but she said there are several things your child can do in order to overcome any anxiety they may have about this transition.

Martin said to take advantage of the fact that most schools are open during the day several days before school starts.

"A great thing to do is to come and practice finding your classes. Practice opening your locker and even bring your school supplies to school now so that on the first day of school you don't have a 50 pound backpack to bring to school."

Martin said there are several orientations taking place Monday, August 14th, at Quincy Public Schools for the students that are transitioning buildings.

She said preparing your child now is important as it helps keep students from becoming too overwhelmed when that first day school bell rings.

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