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QPS union votes down latest contract proposal


Quincy Public School union employees voted down the latest contract offer, according to school officials Wednesday.

Union members voted on the newest proposal Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. The votes were tallied Wednesday at 1 p.m.

The majority of members said "no" to the offer. Union Co-President Jen Drew said the main sticking points this time around involved both compensation and insurance. 

"Compensation that they were offering this time was 2.4 percent for the first year, 1.5 percent for the second year, and 1.7 percent for the third year." Drew said.

Drew added that union members were concerned the pay increases wouldn't cover the rising costs of insurance.

"If they're only getting a 1.5 percent salary increase, you know, is that going to be completely wiped out by an insurance increase?" Drew said. "So they're really just looking at how they're going to be able to take care of their families with their compensation and their insurance."

QPS Board President Sayeed Ali also responded to the vote Wednesday afternoon.

"With it being voted down now twice, there's obviously some bigger issues there - maybe some roadblocks that we're going to have to address," Ali said.

When asked if he was surprised the contract was voted down, QPS Superintendent Roy Webb said "not at this point."

"I heard some comments (from union members) last night," Webb said. "So I'm not surprised by the result."


Webb said as of Wednesday afternoon, he didn't see an impact on the start of school.

"We'll still be starting school next week," Webb said.

This is the second time the union voted down a contract offer this summer. Members also voted down a proposal last month.

Back in January, QPS union employees were nearly 72 hours away from going on strike until a new deal was tentatively agreed upon. It took months of negotiations to reach the deal, but it was only retroactive to the 2016-17 school year.

The two sides plan on meeting with a federal mediator in the near future.

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