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GRIDIRON PREVIEW: Rushville-Industry showcases speed and size


A change of pace is a good thing.

At least that's what Rushville-Industry head coach Brian Lafferty thinks as he assumes the controls of the Rockets for his first head coaching gig. 

"I know the first thing I always tell people is I've been really excited about it," Lafferty said. 

"I've been involved with football since I was a little kid."  

Already with seven years of coaching experience at the age of 24, Lafferty is speeding up the tempo and injecting a youthful energy into an already storied program.

"When we're in the fourth quarter and we still have a lot left in the tank and everyone else is dead that's when we're going to do something," said senior running back and linebacker Ethan Downs.

"In a game it's fast paced. In a game you can't walk around and be tired. Part of it is I want the practice to make the game seem slower," said Lafferty. 

And a fast tempo is exactly what opponents will find, especially when lined up opposite a very fast and very loaded Rocket backfield.

"We're definitely fast on the outside and I'd like to say we're a powerhouse up the middle because our line really gets after it up front," said Downs. 

"We've got some of the fastest guards around right now." 
Along with Downs, Cylas Irwin joins the backfield. However, the third ball carrier for the Rockets just happens to be state champion sprinter Basil Buckner. 

"Basil is fast. He's fast in anything he does," said senior lineman Blake Wood. 

"If I make a great fake we have someone on the outside who can bust it away and there is no one who is going to catch him," said Downs. 

The speed in there for Rushville which means the lineman up front need to keep up and intend on doing so.

"We've got two of the most athletic guards in the conference in Tyler Grover and John Sullivan," said Wood. 

With a triplet of backs, and Josh Triplett making the snaps, Wood has high hopes for the backfield he will be blocking. 

"We're going to run the ball over people's faces," Wood said. 

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