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Adams Co. deputies investigating vehicle burglaries

SUV parked in driveway. This was one of the cars burglarized. SUV parked in driveway. This was one of the cars burglarized.
Car pulls into driveway. Car pulls into driveway.

The Adams County Sheriff's Office was investigating a string of vehicle burglaries in Liberty, Illinois, Thursday morning, according to Chief Deputy Joe Lohmeyer.

Lohmeyer said there were several deputies in the area Thursday morning investigating the burglaries. He said deputies were knocking on doors to gather information about the incidents.

As she headed out the door for work, Celeste Mettemeyer met her neighbor coming into her driveway.

"She alerted me and asked me to check my vehicle," Mettemeyer said. "I did and found out it had been rummaged through."

Nothing was taken from her car, but it left her feeling unsettled.

"I'm sure many feel violated," Mettemeyer explained. "I'm just more shocked that it happened at all. I'm waiting for them to figure out who it was."

The sheriff's office report around a dozen cars were broken into between Liberty and the Royal Oaks mobile home park in Quincy. 

Authorities believe the break-ins happened sometime overnight, Wednesday into Thursday. They said "small miscellaneous and personal items" were taken from vehicles.

"All the vehicles appeared to be unlocked at this time, no forced entry," Chief Deputy Rich Wagner said.

It's common in rural communities.

"We take a small community for granted and think nothing can happen to me, but it just goes to show that it can happen," Wagner added. "So it would be a good precaution to maybe keep things locked up."

Other residents say it's because people in the community know each other and feel safe.

"More of a sense of family in small-type towns," Abby Grawe said. "I think when something like this happens, you have to put your guard up a little bit more."

Mettemeyer's guard is up.

"It's locked now," Mettemeyer added.

No further information on the investigation was available.

The sheriff's office reminded residents to take all valuables inside at night. Residents were also encouraged to report any suspicious people or activity to local law enforcement.

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