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Lack of rain concerns local farmers

Corn crop Corn crop

Dry weather has some local farmers on edge as we move into a critical part of the growing season.  Recent showers continue to not bring as much rain as area crops may need.

Some local farmers said their crops have been through a lot this year.

Dennis Dempsey, a farmer in Adams County, said both soy beans and corn crops have been impacted by the lack of rainfall. He said rain right now would help.

"The rains have been really spotty here this year," Dempsey said. "If you've caught some rains, you're probably in a little better shape but everybody right now could really use a good soaking rain for these beans especially. It's the time of year when beans would really appreciate a good rain."

Dempsey said the spot showers and cool weather has bought them a little bit of time, but it's not a substitute for some much needed moisture right now.

Farmers in Pike County and surrounding areas met yesterday in Kinderhook to discuss this year's growing season.

David Gay, the president of the Pike County Farm Bureau, said he is still optimistic.

"I think overall, I think we'll come out near average crop," Gay said. "It's certainly going to be down from last year's good crop but it's not a total loss either. So, I'll think we'll come out near average but a good rain right now would sure help us out a lot."

Gay said the spot showers have helped a little but he says a good soaking rain to close out the growing season is preferred.

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