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WGEM partners with QMG to offer free solar eclipse glasses

The eclipse glasses available at QMG. The eclipse glasses available at QMG.

Editor's note: QMG reported the glasses were gone as of Friday, Aug. 11.

QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) - Don't get blinded by science when the eclipse rolls through later this month, a local eye doctor warned.

QMG Ophthalmologist Dr. Eric Sieck said there is never a safe time to look at the sun without proper eyewear, and that's intensified during an eclipse. He said the intense, bright rays can permanently damage your eyes, even causing loss of vision.

That's why Quincy Medical Group and WGEM have teamed up to give out special solar eclipse glasses. The eyewear can be picked up for free at QMG on a first come, first serve basis.

But even the special glasses have some limitations when it comes to the sun's force.

"Don't put these on and then look through binoculars at the eclipse," Sieck said. "That will damage this lens and then damage your eye."

Sieck said dark sunglasses aren't enough to protect your eyes from the rays of the eclipse. Neither are most welding helmets, according to Sieck.

The special solar eclipse glasses are limited to four per family. They will be available until supplies last.

They're available at 1025 Maine St. in Quincy on the first floor or in the Eye Department, located on the 4th floor.

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