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Quincy man killed in early morning crash

Locust closed from 25th Street to 30th. (Photo by Eric Sprinkle) Locust closed from 25th Street to 30th. (Photo by Eric Sprinkle)

Police said a Quincy man was involved in a fatal crash Sunday morning. 

It happened on 26th and Locust in Quincy at 2:58 a.m.

In a report, police said 41-year-old Douglas McMullen was traveling east on Locust. 

McMullen lost control of his Chevrolet Corvette and started skidding across the road. 

The report said that McMullen hit a mailbox, went airborne and hit two trees and two air conditioning units. 

McMullen's corvette then came to a rest at Precision Plating on 2611 Locust. 

Ruth Hill lives next to where the crash happened, she said the noise woke her up.

"I got up and I looked out of my door. I could see them. I stood at the door way and looked. I knew it had to be some kind of a wreck." 

Hill said in her twenty years, she's never seen an accident occur near her home. She hopes more drivers see this crash and remember to practice safe driving habits while on the road. 

"I would say it's pretty safe. I can't figure out how in the world it happened," said Hill. 

Police say McMullen was killed in the crash and the passenger, Roland Johnson was taken to Blessing Hospital with injuries. 

Early Monday morning, the house supervisor at Blessing Hospital confirmed that  Roland Johnson of Quincy was in stable condition.

Quincy Police Department, Quincy Fire Department and EMS assisted at the scene.

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