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Veterans taking upcoming Honor Flight

(WGEM) - The following veterans will be taking the next Great River Honor Flight on Saturday, Aug. 26.

  • Richard W. Barger, Liberty, IL (Army - Vietnam)
  • James R. Barr Bowling, Green, MO (Marines - Vietnam)
  • Harold Beenes, Monee, IL (Army - Korea)
  • James H. Bliven, Quincy, IL (Army - Vietnam)
  • John A. Bower, Quincy, IL (Navy - Korea)
  • Ina R. Burling, Quincy, IL (Air Force - Vietnam)
  • Joseph W. Carter, Macomb, IL (Army - Vietnam)
  • Gary L. Cummings, Perry, MO (Navy - V TLC)
  • Marvin C. Davidson, Mendon, IL (Navy - Vietnam)
  • Richard W. Denton, Adair, IL (Marines - Vietnam)
  • John T. Gilbert, Quincy, IL (Navy - Vietnam)
  • Wesley D. Hartjen, Macomb, IL (Army - Vietnam)
  • Danny L. Irwin, Industry, IL (Army - Vietnam)
  • Kail L. Jarvis, Quincy, IL (Army - Vietnam)
  • Richard N. Lacy, Colchester, IL (Army - Vietnam)
  • Mick L. Martin, Camp Point, IL (Army - Vietnam)
  • Calvin G. McCurdy, Perry, MO (Marines - Vietnam)
  • Richard C. Meyers, Keokuk, IA (Marines - Vietnam)
  • Kenneth W. Mock, Fowler, IL (Army - Vietnam)
  • Wilbert W. Nelson, Fort Madison, IA (Navy - Korea)
  • Robert F. Niebur, Quincy, IL (Army - Korea)
  • Shelby G. Pugh, Palmyra, MO (Air Force - Vietnam)
  • Mary A. Schreck, Quincy, IL (Army & Navy - Vietnam)
  • Jackie L. Sexton, Hannibal, MO (Army - Vietnam)
  • Philip D. Shults, Quincy, IL (Army - Vietnam)
  • John J. Siebers, Liberty, IL (Army - Vietnam)
  • Kent F. Slater, Macomb, IL (Army - Vietnam)
  • Larry L. Smith, Macomb, IL (Army - Vietnam)
  • Allen C. Tate, Quincy, IL (Navy- Vietnam)
  • Ronald E. Walter, Hannibal, MO (Navy- Vietnam)
  • Marilyn R. Ward, Quincy, IL (Navy- Vietnam)
  • Roger E. Yaeger, Pittsfield, IL (Army - Vietnam)
  • Forest W. Zumwalt, Perry, MO (Navy - Vietnam)
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