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Police warn of fatigued driving after holiday

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The Missouri State Highway Patrol warned about the dangers of driving while fatigued after a holiday weekend.

The highway patrol said fatigued driving can be just as dangerous as driving while under the influence.

Sgt. Eric Brown said while weekends like this are meant to get away and relax, many people can be worn out from the weekend's activities. Brown explained that fatigue is an issue troopers often see after holiday weekends.

He said to make sure you get plenty of rest before you travel.    

"If you are feeling fatigued, stop and rest to change drivers," stated Brown. "Fatigued driving is just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. You actually see some of the same behaviors from the fatigued driver that you would see from the intoxicated person."

He asked drivers to be prepared for the drive home just like you prepare for the drive to your labor day weekend getaway and Brown said to make sure your car has all the proper equipment in it in case of a roadside emergency.

The Highway Patrol said drivers still need to be careful when traveling through work zones Monday, especially with the added traffic.

Sergeant Brown explained with the warmer weather, a lot of work zones will be active throughout the next few weeks.

Brown stressed remaining focused while driving, especially when traveling through a work zone is important.

"We just ask people to be very aware as they're coming into a construction zone," said Brown "Follow the speed limits and be aware of lane changes. Constantly be paying attention, avoiding distractions at all just so that you can be aware of where the workers are at or any extra directions you may be given while traveling through that work zone."

Brown said they will be monitoring the work zones along with all portions of the highways as people travel home. He said the number one issue they see on days like Monday is speeding so he asked drivers to slow down and drive safely. 

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