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What happens to flooded cars?

Flooded car because of Hurricane Harvey Flooded car because of Hurricane Harvey
Flooded cars Flooded cars

An estimated one million cars were ruined in the flood waters following Hurricane Harvey, according to USA Today.

Those vehicles will be sold across the country, but the owners of Ron Snider's Auto Sales in Quincy said they will not buy any flooded vehicles.

Kyle Snider, who buys vehicles for the dealership from auction, explained some people use parts off the flooded vehicles while others re-purpose them.

Snider said there are a few different ways dealers can buy these cars but he says there's not a chance his dealership will.

"We do not sell flooded cars," stated Snider. "If we trade for them, they're off our lot within twenty minutes to a wholesaler because we just don't mess with that."

Snider does not recommend buying a flooded car. He explained the water erodes different parts of a vehicle and he said it's impossible to go through a car and replace every part that's been affected. 

He went on to explain some of the cars will be re-purposed and after that, it can be hard to tell if it has been damaged. He said it may look brand new but Snider explained the problems with these salvage cars can and most likely will happen later.

"The windows will stop rolling down then the electrical issues will start," said Snider. "There's no real way to tell right now. Salt water, it erodes in time so that's something you'll see down the road."

Kyle said you should check into the history of the car you're buying to see if it's had prior issues. You can also tell if the car is a salvaged car by looking at the title.

Snider said auto check and looking at the title are also ways to tell if that car has had prior issues.

Snider advised to always buy from a trusted source whether that's an individual seller or a dealership like this one.

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