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Changing science curriculum

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For the second year, Illinois students will see a more challenging science assessment.  

The State Board of Education has adopted what's called the Next Generation Science Standards. The standards are used kindergarten through 12th grade.

QHS biology teacher Cheryl Vogler said it's all about less memorization and getting students more involved in the learning. The goal is to get students more interested in science and further interest in a science career.

"The science and engineering practices are awesome because it gets kids to realize they do think like a scientist or think like an engineer every day," said Vogler. "They just need to realize it. I think the more they delve into their learning and it be less teacher talk more student talk, the more they get interested."

She said the standards are tested by the Illinois Science Assessment. She expects test scores to build over time, as the new way of teaching continues to develop.

Vogler said ultimately it will help students to develop better critical thinking skills.

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