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Postseason potential surrounds QND boys golf


Two years ago the QND boys golf team was just 13 shots shy of winning a state championship and ultimately settled for a runner-up trophy.

This year however, the Raiders already have 15 wins and just one loss in match play and a few top five finishes in major tournaments, including a Quincy Invitational title. For the Raiders there is no time like the present to chase their dreams of a state title. 

"There are five or six teams that are in the middle of central Illinois that are good so we're going to have to play well to get out of it," said head coach Mark Longo. 

"We think we're capable but we also know it's going to be very difficult."

"I think the main goal is to win a state championship," said senior Reis Dryer. 

"I think we're fully capable of that it's just staying focused and and keeping the momentum going and getting some confidence going into the state tournament."

Leading the way on a talented roster is the senior and freshman duo of Reis Dreyer and Alex McCulla. Together the vet and the frosh are blazing a path of success on the links 

"We're good friends and I think that makes it a lot better that we're so close," said McCulla. 

"It makes us compete with each other to shoot a lower score and all-in-all that helps the team,"

Longo, however, hopes the on-going friendly competition between his two best players only continues. 

"Our success is based on those two," he said. 

"Those two, if they play the way they're capable of playing and if we get two of the other four doing what they should be doing then we have a heck of a chance getting to the state tournament."  

QND gets back at it on Tuesday with a quad against Quincy High, Rushville-Industry and Central at Westview before taking on Quincy High in a Ryder Cup match on Thursday. 

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