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Tri-States commemorate 9/11


Monday night, Tri-State residents remembered the lives lost in the September 11th terrorist attacks 16 years ago Monday. 

Roughly 100 people filled the chapel at Quincy University for the red, white and blue interfaith service. Among those in attendance: Quincy police officers, firefighters, community members and representatives from the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths.

After the mayor's opening remarks, supporters sang hymns and prayed--remembering the nearly 3,000 people killed on September 11th, 2001.

"I remember sitting in a room and watching what was transpiring, just realizing the enormity of what took place and know that there was a lot of first responder lives that were being lost at that very moment,"said Quincy Fire Chief Joe Henning. "So this day is just one, you hear the phrase 'never forget,' well that truly is the case because it's not something you can forget and it's something we shouldn't forget," he said.

The ceremony ended with 'Amazing Grace'.

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