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New health clinic coming to Keokuk

Proposed layout of building. Proposed layout of building.
Floor and room design. Floor and room design.
Aerial outlook of the building in relation to the area. Aerial outlook of the building in relation to the area.
Outside of the clinic on 1603 Morgan Street. Outside of the clinic on 1603 Morgan Street.

Healthcare options will be expanding in Keokuk next year. 

This comes after the city agreed on a project to build a new health clinic. 

Great River Health Systems said its clinic at 1603 Morgan Street is too small and needed a bigger space. 

Now, the healthcare provider plan to build a $5.75-million facility behind Hibbett Sports on Main Street to provide the best service for patients. 

To get quality healthcare in Lee County, residents said they have to travel. 

"We need more of a variety so we don't have to go and drive a couple hundred miles to see a specialist," Resident Janice Welch said. 

Welch has been to a couple of doctors in the past few years and said getting in the door to see the doctor is tough. 

"The waiting," Welch said. " You don't know what all can happen. I think being able to get in and see the doctor when you need to is very, very important."

By next year, Great River Health Systems hopes to bring that change.

After the Keokuk City Council approved the purchase of land last Thursday, the company said it will get to work on a new 19,000 square foot facility, which is almost five times bigger than its current facility. 

"We are happy Great River has chosen to expand," City Administrator Aaron Burnett said. "I think we will see expansion out of the local hospital, the community health center. They add jobs, amenities, and a level of care that can be provided here at home." 

Officials hope to add more programs, more hours, and bring in 18 more full time jobs.

"We hope to continue to push the ball forward, add the tax value and add jobs so people see Keokuk as a place to make home," Burnett said.  

The goal is to serve not just Keokuk, but western Illinois and northeast Missouri as well. 

"There's people that they like to stay in town or close to town and get their care," Welch said. "The older you get, it makes it harder."

Construction begins on October 1, 2017 and the project is expected to be complete by August of 2018. 

The clinic plans to expand from 12 full time to 30 full time employees. 

Officials said if a particular service can't be provided in Keokuk, patients can go to the main campus in West Burlington to get the care they need. 

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