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Digging Deeper: 'Taxed Out', Tonight at Ten

'Taxed Out' tonight on WGEM News at Ten 'Taxed Out' tonight on WGEM News at Ten

As the holiday shopping season begins, how we choose to do our shopping is a hot topic.

According to the National Retail Federation, about eight-and-a-half percent of all retail sales are now made online, most on a mobile phone.

"Amazon is not going to take over the world," Western Illinois University Assistant Marketing Professor Shanna Bruer-Hess said. "We will definitely see this continuation where people are purchasing large quantities from Amazon, especially in rural areas we do see people who benefit from a large selection of items."

Bruer-Hess explained the change in retail is driven by technology and the shoppers who value the unique online options. 

"They want that exact same product, that exact same service, the ability to purchase it on their mobile device and return it to the store or go to the store and find it and buy it later," Bruer-Hess said. 

Data shows that online sales vary widely depending on the shopper's age and what's being bought. Clothing and "soft goods", things like shoes and books are the big winners, while people tend to go to the store for groceries.

From big box stores to locally owned shops, some struggle to stay afloat and many blame the rise in online shopping. 

Local communities are also missing out on valuable sales tax dollars, as people choose not to shop local.

Natalie Will is Digging Deeper and talking to Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore about the impact of lost revenue and what the city plans to do in the future. A local shop employee also shares how they keep shoppers coming in the doors, despite the convenience and selection of online shopping. 

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