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Improvements coming to Macomb bus stops

A public bus in Macomb A public bus in Macomb
A bus making s stop in Macomb A bus making s stop in Macomb

After years of waiting, there's now progress towards improving bus stops around Macomb.

Two years ago, the McDonough County Public Transportation received a state grant to build handicap accessible bus stops and shelters. But, the state budget impasse put all improvement projects on hold.

Now the funding has come through and transportation director Nathan Cobb said they'll restart the biding process.

"The state has freed up some money after we waited for two years," Cobb said. "We are starting to move this project forward now. We have to go back to the state and ask for their permission to go out to bid."

Despite the wait, Cobb said it'll be a big improvement to the system.

"All of the buses are ADA accessible, but sometimes the infrastructure in the community is not," Cobb added. "Getting them to that location to where they can load on to the bus, this will definitely help in that."

In all there will be 11 new shelters built. Construction is set to be done this spring. 

Here's a list of where the new stops will be.

  • Western Mobile Home Park, East side of S. Ward St.
  • Edison & Pullman Apartments, South side of W. University Dr. 
  • WIU Horrabin Hall, West side of N. Western Ave.
  • Edison & Pullman Apartments, West side of N. Charles Ave.
  • Rotary Park, North side of W. Jackson St.
  • Hy-Vee, East side of N. East Street
  • Prairieview Public Housing, North side of E. Wheeler St.
  • The Village at Wheeler, North side of E. Wheeler St.
  • Turnberry Village Apartments, East side of Wigwam Hollow Rd.
  • WIU Campus Services, North side of W. University Dr.
  • Catch-A-Star, North side of W. Piper St.
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