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Local doctors stress men's health during November

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During the month of November, men's health awareness is the topic on local doctor's minds.

Doctors at Quincy Medical Group are once again reminding men about different health issues they need to be aware of.

Dr. Vitor Pastorini with QMG works with all kinds of cancer patients.

He said men usually don't like to talk about their health and certain check-ups they need, but stressed men can never be careful enough when it comes to their health.

"As men we are lacking at taking care of ourselves. We sometimes take care of our family or are worried about our jobs but we don't take good care of ourselves," he said. "But it's such an important issue and should be one of the foremost things you do."

Age is another factor to consider when thinking about health, according to Pastorini.

He said men have always been checked for colon cancer at age 50 and prostate cancer after age 40. Pastorini said maintaining health at a younger age will pay off later.

"In your thirties, I think you're building your house for when your 50, 60, 80, so that you're in good health when you reach that age," he said. "You're buying your health policy for when you get older. That's what you do in your 30s and your 40s."

Pastorini said if someone has a family history of cancer, getting checked sooner isn't a bad idea. Treatment of cancer in their patients is now on an individualized basis because there are that many new medicines that can treat cancer and some work better for a patient than others could.

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