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Mayoral candidates hope to continue progress in Keokuk

Mayor Candidates Winn, Morgan, Whiteside, and Richardson Mayor Candidates Winn, Morgan, Whiteside, and Richardson

The city of Keokuk has four people running for mayor and each candidate has their own ideas to make the city better.

Under current Mayor Tom Marion, the city has made significant changes in his eight-year term. He has cleaned up the blight, brought in new businesses and developed the riverfront.

Now, the four candidates hope to continue that success next year. 

The race for Keokuk mayor is packed.

There's long time businessman Tom Richardson, historical preservationist Patricia Whiteside, fire chief and landscaper Carl Morgan, and six year council member Dan Winn. 

Richardson said businesses are coming to Keokuk and he knows what it will take to build Main Street back because he has been on economic development committees in the past. 

"I feel like I can bring some assets to the community in that way in economic development," Richardson said. "I think the other thing about Keokuk is that we are headed in the right direction. We are cleaning the city up and I see a lot of positive things, a lot of young people coming back and it really makes me feel good," said Richardson

Patricia Whiteside believes preserving history is more important than ever before. Her grandparents were longtime business owners downtown and she said that history would help bring in more money for other projects

"I want to promptly see the downtown area facelift," Whiteside said. "I want to make the windows and storefront facades appealing when people are going through town. It's absolutely uncalled for," said Whiteside.

Carl Morgan is a reserve officer on the Montrose Police Department and fire chief in Jackson Township. He wants to bring new and fresh ideas to fight crime because he said it's been an issue. 

"If we get rid of some of these run down buildings around Keokuk, you will get rid of some of that," Morgan said. "It wouldn't give them a place to hide out, a place to cook or do the drugs and find the drugs. If you get rid of some of that, it will help too," said Morgan. 

Dan Winn hopes to bring more people to the city through tourism and he hopes to fix the streets. He has made decision on budgets in the past and he has a plan to fix them sooner rather than later. 

"We have some money that we can move around, that would do streets that are 10 years out from being fixed, we have 13 years left on the sewer separation project and some of those streets won't be addressed for several years," Winn said. "If that street is bad in front of your house, you want it fixed," said Winn.

Mayors in Keokuk will serve two year terms, and it's going to be a part-time role.

Election Day will be November 7th.

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