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Quincy Police looking to recruit more minority officers

Quincy Police vehicle sits in parking lot stall. Quincy Police vehicle sits in parking lot stall.
Police lights flashing blue. Police lights flashing blue.
Officer walks around. Officer walks around.
Officer patrols area in police vehicle. Officer patrols area in police vehicle.

There's a renewed push at the Quincy Police Department to hire more minority officers. 

At the Quincy Police Department, there were no minority officers working the night shift Wednesday. Chief Rob Copley hopes in the near future they can reverse that.

Several years ago, if residents interacted with the QPD they would of seen mostly white males. That's changing with more women on the force.

"We've certainly grown," Officer Taylor Dralle said. "When I first started, I believe we had around five or six. So we've pretty much doubled."

There are now roughly 12 women on the police department staff. Something Dralle says is great for children in the community to see.

"Parents say girls can be a cop or this is a girl officer," she explained.

Copley says while they're way ahead of other departments in terms of hiring female officers, they lack minority officers.

"Ideally, your police department makeup should reflect that of your community," Copley said. "We're off from that."

He says a recent survey the department did shows other departments nationwide struggle with the same problem. Some suggested QPD recruit from other cities. Copley says that's not an option.

"The ability to go to other communities and pull, whether it's minority or non-minority officers is pretty tough," Copley explained. 

Dralle helps the department recruit. She feels having a diverse department could help connect with the community better, encouraging others to join the force.

"I think it would bring more on to here," Dralle added. "Especially once they talk to that person and see what they're going through as a police officer."

Copley says after talking with other departments, the only way he feels could recruit more minorities is continue being open with the community and building trust. He says more community policing events could help with that. 

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