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Gas prices expected to be highest in two years

Gas prices are expected to increase. Gas prices are expected to increase.

With the holiday travel season just around the corner, there's a warning from gas price experts.

In a new survey out from, the company predicts the Tri-States will see higher gas prices this fall, and it could be the highest in two years. 

Gas Buddy blames the effects from Hurricane Harvey halting production, and the explorer pipeline sustaining a leak. 

Drivers said on Thursday that they aren't looking forward to paying more at the pump.

"They pay for the gas in the company truck." Steve Rhodes said. "It's a good thing because I wouldn't be able to afford it. You can tell the difference quite a bit. We fill them up everyday."

"It's not surprising anymore, but it does  make it hard when you've got a family at home, and I've got transportation like that over there." Doug Inman said. "But what can you do? There's nothing you can do anymore."

Gasbuddy also predicts  that once the pipeline is fixed, prices should drop a little bit, but the maintenance from Hurricane Harvey will continue to have an impact.

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