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Wilson's Way: West Hancock full back having explosive postseason


With a hole to fill in the starting full back spot heading into the 2017 season, West Hancock head coach Travis Cook new junior Bryce Wilson was the best choice to turn to. 

"He can squat well up to 500 pounds, if not over. He's got that forward lean and that forward momentum. And he's fast. He's faster than what most people realize, said Cook. 

What Cook  didn't know, or maybe what he had hoped for, was that Wilson wouldn't just create a cloud of dust after three yards but would leave others in his dust. 

"Bryce has grown so much this year. But he hasn't hit his ceiling, yet," he said.

"He's a beast," said senior lineman Tyler Korn. "It's just really fun watching him truck people sometimes." 

Wilson, along with senior running back Riley Langford solidified the Titan 2017 backfield, making it one to fear. 

But it's what Wilson has done in the playoffs, so far, that is turning heads. 

"If they focus on one guy then we have another guy that can come back and that just happens to be Bryce the last couple of weeks," said Cook.

In two postseason games, the junior has racked up more than 200 yards rushing with six touchdowns while leading the Titans to their first quarterfinal appearance since 2006. 

"I know they're keying in on me right now but I also know that Riley (Langford) and Bryce (Buckert) will get done what they need to get done," said Wilson. 

"But I need to give a huge shout out to the offensive line because without them I'm not going anywhere." 

"He's still learning and still growing," said Cook. "That's always a great thing to have when you're getting that kind of production out of him." 

Next up, meanwhile, Bryce Wilson will look to continue his hot streak in the quarterfinals against a Maroa-Forsyth defense that only surrendured six points in their round two win over Eldorado. 

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