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Vacant homes get facelift for families in need

Volunteers working on the living room Volunteers working on the living room

Habitat for Humanity in Macomb is taking old, vacant homes and using them to help families in need.

Volunteers are hard at work getting a home on North Edwards Street ready for a single father of three kids. Rodney Fink is a member of Wesley United Methodist Church, which bought and donated the vacant house to Habitat for Humanity.

"Bertha and I grew up in homes where you didn't have a good place to live, and we've been doing well in life, so we thought anytime we could find good housing, that would be a project we would want to be involved with," Fink said.

Fink said there's a lot of work left to do for it to be ready for the family.

"We're going to add a bedroom here in the basement, and then we will add a second bath because they need two baths with two girls and two guys," Fink added.

Habitat for Humanity Director John Timmons said they typically like to build from the ground up.  But, with donations of two houses, one on North Edwards and one on West Kelly, they decided to do renovations instead.

"So instead of one every year and a half, we're going to have two out in about six months," Timmons said.

Not only does a project like this one help out families in need, but it helps out the neighborhood by cleaning up a vacant house.

"This is a nice neighborhood and this house has been vacant for several years and it needs to be cleaned up," Fink said. "It will make a great home."

Timmons said they're able to provide the house to families with no interest, but that wouldn't be possible without volunteers

"We have pretty much free labor because we have volunteers do the projects," Timmons said. "A $50,000 house can be as low as $250 a month that way."

Volunteers expect to have the house on Edwards done by the first of the year. The other house on West Kelly should be done in the spring.

You can find more information on the Habitat for Humanity program here.

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