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Bedbugs creating issues in Tri-States

Image of bedbug Image of bedbug

Bed bugs are becoming an issue again in the Tri-States, according to local exterminators.

Rod Becks, manager of O'Donnell's Termite and Pest Control in Quincy said he has recently received calls to treat both residential properties and businesses.

He said they spread easily; you can bring these pests inside your home without even knowing it.

"It doesn't have to be your dirty or filthy for bed bugs," he said. "It's mainly just bad luck that you picked them up from somebody. They're hitchhikers and you just got stuck with the problem."

Becks said it is very difficult to treat bed bugs yourself at home. He explained the common industry practice to exterminate bedbugs is through a heat treatment.

However, he said his company no longer uses that method. 

"Now there's very good pesticides. There's about 5 different ones and they've all been EPA approved," he added. "We use several different ones depending on what the problem is and how bad it is."

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