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Macomb Hardee's shut down


Employees of the Hardee's location in Macomb said they showed up to work Monday morning, but instead were told the restaurant was shut down.

Hardee's employees were left standing in the parking lot today wondering why they no longer have a job.

"It was quite a big surprise because I didn't know they were going to be closing down," employee Brooks Olds said.

General manager Yvonne Sehwell said she wasn't even notified until last night. She said it comes at a bad time right before the holidays.

"There's a lot of families here, a lot of people that are employed that have several kids," Sehwell said. "It's really close to the holidays. There's a lot of people that are going to be in a financial hardship."

Mayor Mike Inman said the city learned about 3 months ago that Hardee's was planning on not renewing its lease, but didn't know when they would officially close their doors.

"We were actually notified by the land owner about 90 days ago of the likelihood that Hardee's was not going to renew their lease, and that was something they asked us not to disclose to the public until Hardee's made that decision," Inman said.

Employees said with such little notice they don't know how long it will take to find a different job.

"Basically being that this is a small community, jobs are hard to come by," Sehwell added.

Since Illinois is an at-will employment state, state law allows employers to dismiss employees without just cause or warning. But worker said that leaves them scrambling to keep providing for their families without a steady pay check.

"Now it's going to be one parent working in the house for now," Olds said. "That's still a lot of money from a household with two kids in it. We're going to take a big hit right now."

The city says it's working with the property owner to try and find a new business to fill the space, but there's no time line on what or when would be.

WGEM reached out to Hardee's to see why the restaurant closed, but they declined to comment.

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