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Technology changing agriculture education

Farm equipment in a field Farm equipment in a field

Technology like GPS-guided tractors and combines is changing the way John Wood Community College's agriculture program teaches students.

Mike Tenhouse, an instructor, said young people adapt better to the technology, which is important as younger workers enter the industry.

"The opportunities for these young people to grow into the industry and play a major part in that is vital today because their young minds and the way they adapt and see these technologies and how they play in, they do a very good job of that," he said.

Tenhouse added the different technologies being used are now common practice.

JWCC sophomore Kaitlyn Roberts plans to go on to learn more about genetics and the reproduction side of the agriculture industry.
She claimed that's where the newest technology is in agriculture.

"Technology is going to be big in my educational future as far as embryology goes because the reproductive side of agriculture in general is the technology side of agriculture," she said.

Roberts added that the use of technology in the industry is exciting, and pointed to the ability of farmers to keep track of their farm using a database on their cell phone as an example.

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