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Drivers return home after holiday weekend

Cars driving on the highway Cars driving on the highway

Thousands of drivers across the Tri-States traveled home Sunday night. TripAdvisor said 22 percent of holiday travelers nationwide are on the road after a long weekend with friends and family. 

"It was great," driver Alicia Harker said. "I spent a lot of time with my dad. A lot of some much needed time with my dad."

Authorities said drivers are more likely to be tired on the drive home, but there's ways to be prepared.

"Drink coffee, drink a lot of coffee and I listen to music," Herker said

"Go to bed early, get up rested and then go," driver Charlie Keosoff added.

"I'm very tired myself but you got to stay safe," Herker said. "You always got to stay safe."

Sgt. Eric Brown with the Missouri State Highway Patrol said tired driving becomes more hazardous with more people on the road.

"Driving while you're tired is very, very similar to driving while intoxicated," Brown said. "If you find yourself where you are falling asleep while driving, stop. Get something to eat or drink, walk around a little bit to wake yourself up."

Drivers said with extra cars on the road it's important to watch out for other drivers, but during this time of the year they're watching out for something else as well."

"There's a lot of deer," Herker said. "It's very important to watch out for deer."

Drivers said with people wanting to get home quickly, they see cars fly by.

"You see people going about 75 sometimes 80," Keosoff added.

But Brown said along with distracted driving, speeding is one of the biggest things they are looking for.

"Speeding is dangerous, it's always one of the main contributing events in traffic crashes, but it can also become very expensive for you if you end up meeting a law enforcement officer and end up getting a speeding ticket," Brown said.

Drivers have noticed a difference in gas prices across the Tri-States. Triple-A said in Illinois the average is $2.70 per gallon. In Iowa they are $2.52 and Missouri is the cheapest at $2.35.

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