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Security risks on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Cyber Monday

The deals just keep on coming Monday, but your financial information could be at risk if you aren't careful online.

Mara Clingingsmith with the Better Business Bureau of Quincy cautioned that you have to be careful with online shopping since your financial information is always at-risk.

She said there are some red flags to look out for when you shop online.

"When you go to a company's website, just make sure that they're secure," she said. "HTTPS in the URL means that it's secure. If it's just HTTP then it's not guaranteed that it's secure so you might want to move on to a different website."

She added that you should make sure the little green lock is in the corner of the address bar when you go to pay for your items.

Clingingsmith also advised consumers to always use a credit card instead of a debit card.

"A credit card is protected by federal law," she stated. "If the packages never arrive or if it's fraudulent, the item isn't as you had ordered, if it's defective, but then if someone steals your information and shops with it too- you're protected there. You have zero liability with that."

She said debit cards are not protected by the government, and you have to check with the card issuer to see what kinds of protection you have with that card.

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